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TOPS – It’s a 7″ Single, but not as we know it – Keep in Touch

The worst thing about this record is that I can’t post those lovely little round pictures I normally like to include of records in this post. Sound strange? Well, it is a little I suppose.The best thing about this record is pretty much everything else.

I subscribed to the Keep in Touch (KIT) singles series a couple of months ago. It’s easy to understand why a vinyl villain like me was pretty easily persuaded by their product. A monthly singles club featuring bands like Girlpool, Speedy Ortiz, Big Ups and Cloud Nothings would’ve sealed the deal easy. However, it gets a bit more interesting than that…

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.43.10

Each monthly single is a postcard rather than a vinyl record. It’s a piece of card with a playable groove. The image is designed by that months band. The subscription series has only 450 spots available so we’re dealing in pretty strictly limited numbers.

My first postcard popped through the door and i’m pretty chuffed with it. For some reason I was expecting it to be made of flimsy plastic like the old flex-discs that would occasionally come free with a music magazine or stuck to a box of cereal in the 80s. It’s simply a piece of card as the word ‘postcard’ would, of course, suggest.

This one features a song from TOPS which is rather wonderful. Slow and dreamy. Smooth as silk. The card ‘record’ plays rather well but I’m not planning to spin it too often. It comes with a download code anyway so I can always listen whenever my digital need arises.

So there’s another 11 of these to come. Actually, maybe 12 more as KIT seem to be promising a birthday treat for each subscriber. If you’re a vinyl lover you’re probably going to love this idea even though it’s not vinyl. It’s certainly going to be a nice wee unique product series to enhance anyone’s collection. Reminisce in the good old days of postcards, you know you want to.

Note – You can read the news article I wrote about this for Overblown here

The below instructions come with the record – for more info do what the picture tells you!