7″ Singles. One of the simplest formats for music out there. The 7″ single has always been my favourite format. They’re fun, simple, accessible, collectable and immediate. Pre-web days they would give a band or artist that one chance to grab a listeners attention, that few minutes to make the listener fall in love and want to hear more.

This blog has started out of a love for the single format. I’ll be talking about singles new and old. Mostly indie / punk because that’s my personal taste and because many bands / artists within these loose genres tend to release a lot of music in this format.


I’ll be talking about the music of course. Discussing favourite bands and what they’re up to, what they’ve been up to in the past. However, I’ll also be talking about the actual record itself. I’m a sucker for a limited edition, a coloured vinyl, hand numbered sleeves and special editions (yeah, I’m a mug, Record Store Day is aimed at people like me). I especially love a split single, different bands on each side? Yes please!

However, I’ll not be focussing exclusively on 7″ singles. This is a music blog so expect stuff on albums, gigs, festivals and basically anything else music related that takes my fancy and makes me want to write about it. I’ll also be doing my best to get some input from musicians, record stores, promoters and anyone else who may have an interesting thing or two to share about records.

The ethos for this blog is straightforward. There’s nothing radical on here, just me writing about the music I love with the intention of sharing my enthusiasm with anyone who chooses to read it.

If you’re interested in this stuff I hope you enjoy it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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